Monday, June 6, 2011

Where Did the Weekend Go?

I can't believe that it's already 11 o'clock Sunday night. Why is it that when I feel OK, time flies but when the pain is high, time seems to move so slowly.? My son and daughter came up for a visit Saturday and I realized that it was the first time I could remember when I felt like visiting instead of taking pain meds and sleeping.  When they come to visit, no matter how bad I feel, I still try to put on the "Mom" face. They drive too long and I see them so infrequently to let my fibro, chronic fatigue and chronic myofascial pain interrupt our visit.  Friday night and Saturday my pain was only a Level 3: Your minor pain is strong enough to get your attention. You resort to Over-the-Counter (OTC) medications or Level 4: The pain is getting stronger, you are taking more OTC medications but they don't last long. You begin to cut back on your activities in favor of just sitting down. When I mentioned it to them and my husband, everyone agreed that it had been way too long since I was in decent shape when they were here to visit. I find it so sad that feeling OK is something noticeable and being in pain is so normal that I no longer even notice it.

Fibro has changed so many things in my life including visits from my children. Before fibro when they came up to Memphis we would go to the park or the zoo. Now Monica and Dave come up while Brian says home with the kids. She leaves them home so that she can do my deep cleaning and help me go through things that I've had in storage for going on 10 years. We've got the house decluttered for the most part and the clutter is pretty much confined to the garage.  Since we gave up our storage unit years ago, we've not been able to get the car in garage.  I'm hopeful that we'll be able to get the car in the garage soon.  That would make things so much easier for me.

I've never had a garage except for the first couple of years that we were here so I didn't realize how important having one could be.  Having the car in the garage during the summer means that the car would be in the shade with the windows down.  Not getting into a boiling hot car would be so nice. Heat takes so much out of me. It makes it so hard to do anything.  Spring and summer use to be my favorite seasons because I love to fish, hike, camp and ride the Harley behind Bill. Since my fibro has gotten as bad as it is now, the summer heat is not my friend.  That means that most of my outdoor activities have pretty much gone away Since the heat has had such a negative on me, having a cooler car that the a/c can cool down quickly will be wonderful.

Cold weather has its down side too. The colder it gets the harder it is to get around.  My joints are so full of arthritis that they they don't want to work.  The cold weather makes my already painful muscles hurt even worse.  Going outside to scrape the iced windows makes me so miserable that it's hard to actually go where I need to go by the time I get ready to leave.  Being able to have the car be warmer and not have to scape ice off the windows will be wonderful also.

I'm headed to bed now.  It's been a good weekend and my pain has stayed down.  I don't want to stay up too late and not get enough rest.  That will send my pain back up. I've had two good days.  It's been along time since I've had three.  Maybe, just maybe, I'll wake up with my pain still around a Level 3 or 4.

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