Sunday, September 5, 2010

September 4, 2010 Pain = 7

Today was fairly productive.  I was actually able to get out the door by 11 am.  Not bad considering I didn't get up until 8. It only took me two hours to drive 4 miles to the bank, make a deposit at the drive up window and then go to Walmart and pick up 6 items.  By the time I got home, my head was pounding but I stayed up instead of taking a nap so that maybe I can get my sleep pattern back on schedule.  My biggest accomplishment for the day was that I was able to  sort my button stash by color and match up sets if I came across them. 

Keep in mind that I got up at 8 am.  It's now 2.23 AM and I am just now beginning to get sleepy enough to go to bed and hopefully fall asleep.  I just don't understand how I can sleep 18 hours one day and the next not be able to fall asleep for 20 hours or so.  I did take advantage of being up and have showered and washed my hair for church in the morning.  Since I'm up so late, I'll need have as much prep done as I can to get there by 10:45.  Bill's ushering and I really want to go to church.  So I have to be ready to leave by 10:20 because ushers can't be late.  I don't want to take two cars because I think it's a waste of gas and because I am cutting back more and more of my driving because it's beginning to be difficult with the cognitive function problems

Good night all.

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