Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September 27, 2010 - Pain level 5

Today was a good day.   My pain is still holding around a 5 and the fatigue seems to be better as well.   We got up around 9:30 and were heading out to Bill's mother when our friend Patrick called.   He graciously repaired the ceiling in my sewing room where it was damaged from our leaky roof.   Fortunately, we had all the supplies we needed for the repairs in the garage.  I got the privilege of playing with his daughter, our goddaughter,  Kaitie while her dad worked.   I feel so fortunate that today was a good day and I had the energy and felt well enough to enjoy having her here.   I gave her a bottle and we snuggled up in the chair and I watched Project Runway while she went off to dreamland.   Once PR was over, I put her in our bed for her nap.  I thought she was going to wake up but instead she rolled over on her side, got her little arm just right and went off to dreamland.  I'm trying real hard to learn to pace myself so I watched another tv show to rest and I'm sure I dozed in my chair. 

I decided to do some sewing and got out my fabric for a baby blanket I'm making and cut my squares and slashing.   I'm really hoping that tomorrow will be another good day and I'll be able to sew my top together and make the "sandwich".   A fourth good day would let me get it quilted and the binding on it so that it can get to its new home by the weekend.   Four good days in a row?   Do I dare hope for that?   Am I coming out of the latest flare and going to have good days ahead?   That would be so awesome.   I can't remember the last time I had a string of good days.  With Fibromyalgia you never know.    It's so temperamental and can change at the drop of a hat.   The morning could be good and within an hour it could all go bad.   Or the morning could be bad but then the day can turn around and the afternoon be great.  I am hoping and praying that I am going into good days and that I will not overdo and ruin a good thing.

I love the saying "I have Fibromyalgia but it doesn't have me".  I have finally accepted the fact that I will never be dependable enough or have the cognitive function to be able to work again.   I just don't know what each morning will bring.  But I refuse to let it take my whole life while I still have the energy to fight it.  I promised myself that I would learn to quilt and would sew again when I retired and by George, I'm going to do it!

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