Thursday, September 9, 2010

September 9, 2010 - Pain level = 7

My son picked me up this morning for us to go to see the ribbon cutting for the new Engineering building at Jackson State University.  He's a Civil Engineering major.  After the ribbon cutting, we walked over to the student center and bought a soft drink so that I could take my pain pill.  I started out doing pretty well but then the pain in my right knee and hip started going up. The pain got up to about at 9 or 10 but the pain medication helped bring it back down to about a 7 or 8. When I got back to my daughters, I took another pain pill and a nap.  The nap helped a little and kept the pain down around a 7. It's still around a 7 so no playing with the grandchildren tonight.  :-(  My feet and legs are swollen horribly and so I'm wearing my compression hose.  Trouble with that is that my most severe myofasical pain is where my legs swell the most making the hose extremely tight.  My legs were hurting so badly, I had to take the hose off and cried taking them off they were so tight and painful.  I'm headed to bed now and I hope that when I wake up in the morning, all my pain  will be back down to a 5.  It's so sad that my "normal" is considered to be bad pain by most people.

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