Monday, December 5, 2011

It's Raining...Again

Today was a busy day.  Mr. Supportive had an appointment to set up surgery to have his cataract removed.  Since he was having his eyes dilated, I was the designated driver.  Considering how much I hate driving in Memphis traffic and it being dark and raining cats and dogs, I’m not sure how good of an idea that was.  We did make it to the next doctor’s appointment in one piece but he assured me that he really could drive when we left.  I guess I scared him pretty bad.  LOL

My degenerated cervical disks keep me from being able to turn my head to look behind me in traffic.  I can tell if anyone is right beside me but have to depend on my side mirrors to check if it’s ok to move over.  That’s the main reason I don’t drive any more than I have to and I stay off I-240 as much as I can.  Add the big time construction going on, the rain and my neck and it was touch and go.  Did I mention that I need new glasses too???

After his appointment we had a few minutes at home and then we were off to see my pain management doctor.  After the three of us talked, Dr. D is changing some of my medicine around.  I have to tell you that it scares me to mess with what is working but I’m beginning to feeling like an airhead.  I think we’ve finally gotten ahead of the pain and now it’s time to back off some.  At least that’s what I’m hoping.

Surprisingly with the cold rainy weather,  my pain has gone back down into the “normal” level four or five. I’m almost afraid to say that out loud for fear of it going back up.  It probably will go back up some this time tomorrow night.  I take my mother-in-law to the eye doctor tomorrow.  She suffers from Macular Degeneration so about every 6 weeks she gets a shot in her eye in an effort to keep what little vision she has.  The first time I walked into the room and she had the q-tip with lidocane on it poking out of her eye, I just about freaked out.  Gave me the willies!  She said that it really doesn’t hurt at all.  I still can’t watch the doctor give her the shot.

Her mobility is an issue these days but she’s almost 85.  The sad thing is that up until about 6 months ago, she got around better than I do.  We call ourselves the cripple leading the blind.  The distance between the door to the building and the doctor’s office is not good for either of us.  I got a great deal on a light weight transfer chair ($25 at Goodwill!) that we use in cases like this.  Unfortunately, it only holds one person at a time.  Out of respect for her age, I’ll be pushing her.  That means that my lower back will go crazy by the time our day is over.  It’s not from pushing her, it’s from the walk.  It gives me fits even walking around at home more than usual.

I grabbed that wheelchair the day I saw it because walking any distance does me in.  There are so many places (like doctor’s offices) that even with handicap parking, I may as well be running a marathon instead of walking in an office building.  My lower back hurts horribly and my legs turn to mush.  I suspect the lower back pain is from my degenerated lumbar disks and the mushy legs are from the Fibro and Neuropathy with a little Lymphedema thrown in.

So that’s how my Monday went and the plans for Tuesday.  How’s your day going?

Nasal pillows
Full face mask
Ayr doesn't pay me to recommend their product, I just like it!
Adrianne, I asked Mr. Supportive what problems he remembered when he first got his CPAP.  He said the hardest thing for him was waking up with his nose sore.  We are using the nasal pillows instead of the full face mask.  I had the full face mask for several years and it was hard for me to get use to it because I’m claustrophobic.  Since I was so exhausted from not sleeping well, I would crash almost as soon as I put it on.  That took care of the claustrophobia and I figured out a way to lie on my stomach with my head off the side of the bed.  Now I sleep on my sides and it’s fine.  I recommend using Ayr Saline Nasal Gel to keep your nasal passages from drying up.  That seems to relieve the soreness from the pillows.  I hope that helps a little.  If anyone else has any ideas to help Adrianne, please post them.

That’s it for tonight.  I’ll try and update tomorrow night.

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