Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ranting on My Other Blog...

Things around here are going pretty much as usual.  My pain is has been staying around a Level  5 but with the rain that's moved in, it's back up to a Level 5..  I’ve been working on be more conscious of the things I do during the day and how those activities effect my pain.  I’m hoping that being more aware and pacing myself better, will keep my pain at this level and maybe, down to a Level 4 sometimes. I don't dare hope for anything lower but compared to the Levels 9 and 10 I experienced back in 2009, this is good.

Today I posted a fibro related post over at Rambling Thoughts of a Southern Lady.  Please consider this your invitation to come over to the part of the world where I rant and rave about various things.  I'd love for you to become a "Follower" over there as well.

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  1. Glad I stumbled upon this, I'll check out the other one as well. I too am learning to pace myself, it is very tricky to determine because it changes from day to day how much is too much or not enough activity/excersice..yeesh...keep the chin up and I hope you have better days!


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