Sunday, August 28, 2011

Why Do Our Pain Meds Not Control Pain from Things Like Carpel Tunnel?

Pain amazes me.  I take some pretty potent pain medication for my fibro.  When I had my kidney stone problems last year, the ER doc and my urologist told me that what they usually prescribe for kidney stone pain didn’t come anywhere near to what I was already taking.  The pain was absolutely horrendous.  My kidney stone pain was a Level 10 while I was taking my extended release and breakthrough pain medication.  It frightens me to think about how painful it would have been without my pain medication.  Before my fibro got so bad, I was a pain whimp.  Mr. Supportive had to take me to the dentist for my root canal because I had to be drugged up on Valium so I "passed out" in the chair before the work started,  

I still have a fear of needles and the pain that comes with them.  When my son and daughter's father and I got married, we were required to take a blood test.  I seriously sat and looked at him and then the needle several times, deciding if he was worth getting stuck.  LOL  My two wonderful children were definitely worth that needle stick!  I was so relieved when I discovered that the blood test was not required when I married Mr. Supportive.  

I filed my first and only Workers Compensation claim for carpel tunnel.  After wearing the wrist brace 24/7 for several months, it wasn't much better so I bit the bullet and got a shot of cortisone.  It cleared up and my claim was closed. (So now it’s my money paying for treatment.)  Fast forward four years and it’s back with a vengeance.  My pain medications are managing my fibro pain and the everyday pain of the carpel tunnel.  At least it manages it until I turn my wrist a certain way and the pain spikes up to a Level 8 or 9.  I actually scream out when I have to turn it that way.  How can the pain override all the pain medication I have in my system?  You’d think that the pain medication would laugh at the carpel tunnel for thinking it could get past them and bother me.  I’m here to tell you that it’s the carpel tunnel laughing.

Since it’s my right hand and I’m right handed, there are many things that I must use it for.  The task that hurts the most is done in a small room behind a closed door.  It hurts so bad that I put off going to that room for as long as I can.  When I finally can’t put it off any longer, Mr. Supportive knows exactly where I am and what I’m doing by the muffled scream.  Why can’t I either be ambidextrous or have the carpel tunnel in my left hand?

I’ve been wearing my brace for several weeks now and it helps – until I have to turn it that special way.  Last night I took off my brace to wash up the last of the dishes right before bed.  I forgot to put it back on and it’s no telling how it was bent during the night.  This morning, I can’t open the jar of peanut butter without screaming.  

I had sworn off going to anymore doctors except for the Social Security Disability doctors and my pain management doctor.  I’m just really tired of going to the doctor and them finding more and more wrong with me.  Or I’m paying them to tell me what I already know. It looks like I’m going to have to add an exception and include my hand doctor.  I’ve been trying to fight this pain too long on my own.  I feel sure that Dr. Cole will be bringing out the big scary needle and sticking it in my wrist.  Hopefully, that shot will take care of it for another four years.

Since this blog is about my fibro pain, I guess I should mention it.  I’ve had a horrible problem with Chronic Fatigue  lately.  It’s nothing for me to sleep 12- 15 hours at a time.  People often ask if that doesn’t give me a back ache.  Up until recently, it never has but that’s not the case anymore.  My back pain is a Level 6 and my fatigue is still pretty high.

Although I have things to do, I’m headed for a nap.  Pain is something that as long as it stays at a Level 5 or below I can function pretty well.  If it was just the pain, I could probably stay up and accomplish what I need to do. I just can’t learn to work through the fatigue.  Do any of you have any suggestions for getting through the fatigue?  I’d love to hear from you.


  1. This carpal/pain problem is all so true for me too though not as bad - i am just getting a brace. But I often wonder why so many of us have carpal tunnel and why when living on strong pain killers we still feel this pain. For years all the pain just merged into one massive pain but now I can identify different kinds. I definately need to keep pain at a 5. Hope you are having a good day.

  2. I have some light pain on my wrist after a few long days of work at a computer. I've always tried to stay away from pain killers and I would really like to stay away from them. It's looking like I'll need a change of job to something that doesnt require me to be on a computer for 8 to 9 hours per day.

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