Tuesday, November 23, 2010

October 28 - November 1, 2010: Pain level 7 - 9

Thursday  I went to the grocery for a few things and then drove to the other side of town to pick up a part for the washer.  Two errands shouldn't do me in but it did.  Total time gone from home: 4 hours; Pain level = 7.  Friday I worked on Bill's and my costumes.  It was hard to get going Friday morning but I pushed myself.  Bill needed his costume for work Saturday and I wanted mine for the Halloween party.  Big mistake pushing myself. Time gone from home: 0; Pain went up to an 8.  I was barely functioning.   Saturday came around and I took Bill to work so we could ride to the party together after work.  I ran by Hancocks looking for the gold elastic I needed to finish my costume.  They didn't have it so it was off to Hobby Lobby to see if I could get it there.  I found the elastic at Hobby Lobby so on the way home I stopped by Walmart to pick up chips and dip for the party.  While I was at Walmart, I got a phone call to meet the guys at the lodge to pick up chairs and tables they needed for the party.  I finally got home around 3 and had just enough time to put the elastic in my sleeves and change clothes.  I was determine to go to this party because last year my pain was too bad to go.  I picked up Bill after work and we went to the party and visited for about an hour.  I was so tired and in so much pain that I couldn't fake it any longer. I was forced to break down and tell Bill we needed to go home.  My pain was at a 9 and the fatigue was so bad I could barely get out of the car and into the bed. I really thought he was going to have to carry me.   I was out of the house for a total of 8 hours and it made me so that I couldn't  function due to the pain and fatigue.  Sunday, I had to go to church because Bill was scheduled to read the Old Testament scripture and he had to work.   Right after church, I met the guys back at the lodge to put the tables and chair back up. I was so tired and hurting so bad that I stopped by a friend's so that I could kick back in the recliner and take a nap so that I had the energy to get home.  It's great to have friends that are that understanding.  Total time gone from home: 4 hours; Pain Level 8 - 9.   All day today (Monday), I've been in bed except for getting up to go to the bathroom and to eat.

I don't understand why Social Security Disability keeps telling me that I can work as a sales clerk.   Why can't they see that I can't function for 8 hours outside of the house?  I can't even leave the house for 4 hours without my pain going up so much that I can't function.

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